Genius Tech Repairs fix, sell & buy tech at a reasonable price. Our team of experts are on hand to solve any queries, problems & issues you may have with your tech, including Apple Devices, Samsung devices, PC’s & Sat Navs.

Established in 2015, our team of experts are freshly trained in the art of device repair with no old techniques in sight. We are constantly up to date with tech knowledge to aid you when it comes to fixing your devices. Any new smart phones, tablets or computers that are launched, you can guarantee that we will be the first to know the ins and outs of the tech to make sure our customers get the best and quickest care.

We are a small team of experts, including a specialist in Samsung devices and Windows software. Our senior technician and owner, Dave Jones, founded Genius Tech Repairs in 2015 yet has been repairing tech for over 6 years. Keeping our team small and rigidly up to date with the tech world means we can give our customers the most trustworthy care in South Yorkshire.